How was your Summer?

How was your Summer?

Felt more like what I’ve been used to pre 2020 and I think that’s a great thing, certainly one worth celebrating. 

I made the most of relaxed travel, reconnecting with F&F, Live shows, new restaurants, homecomings, reading, and ….well, weddings, a whole heap of weddings. I sense I’m not alone here. Feast or Famine!

Everyone lets the guard down on such occasions, but after our mutual “challenges”, that bonhomie has really gone up a notch, something I hope is a permanent thing – life is short, let your hair down, I say!

One get-together let me spend time away with my close family (sans kids and partners) for the first time in many years which was special.

The heady days of mid-summer where it seems to stay bright until all hours have a way of taking the weight off your shoulders, time is limitless, troubles far away, opportunities present themselves and you feel more inclined than ever to get involved.

All of this is a welcomed change of pace, time for reflection before getting back, renewed, refreshed, ready to go again.  

I find a change in environment has a habit of triggering those delicious Eureka! moments where I’ll hit upon a solution to a stubborn work issue when my mind couldn’t be further from such things. I think the chance to speak to people outside normal circles helps too. More likely? Its just giving the mind a genuine rest and having patience/confidence that you’ll get what you were looking for in time.

I’ll hold on to the memories, make a real effort to continue the good habits established and add some more as I go, then I will use that energy to face off the inevitable headwinds. I hardly ever talk about this so you might not have heard: following 12 years in Accounting, I left my last role to set up Reconcile Search just the other end of Summer. It’s different!

I hope you took the chance in the quieter weeks to catch up with friends, family, meet some new faces and visit those places you dreamed of during those long, dreary, groundings we’ve experienced in the last few years.

It can be difficult to find motivation through the toil of work, the sacrifices you make during the shorter days seem even more exaggerated somehow, and the Purpose of it all can feel….elusive?

These kinds of experiences are a huge driver. You may be lucky and have a fantastic manager who consistently motivates and inspires you – I have to find other ways now. If you want my advice you should find your own ways too; managers/leaders can have bad days too, right? Reward yourself, share the spoils with your nearest and dearest and recognise what you did to achieve those experiences. Simply put, “earn your beer” and it will taste all the sweeter.

So, *one more* wedding for me then its time to hang up those the dancing shoes and buckle down to a simpler, steady and wholesome period looking ahead to 2023!

I am looking forward to a productive and collaborative Autumn supporting you with Reconcile Search.